Press Release about Kamran Ghaderi

" Kamran Ghaderi's epic 9000 kilometers journey back to his beloved homeland " Iran" has captured the imagination of millions people around the world.
Kamran's remarkable journey started with his unique vision to awaken and enlighten every soul to his message of peace, hope and love of humanity.
The world community is now recognizing Kamran's genuine message. Kamran is expected to cross the border and enter Iran in 3 days. Kamran will take his message of peace & hope to a country in the cross roads between forces of a theocratic dictatorship of Ayatollahs and millions of young Iranians who are struggling to transform Iran a country of laws & order, peace and justice for all.

Kamran is taking a tremendous risk of arrest by the authorities in Islamic Republic in Iran. Although he believes firmly on his vision and has not broken any laws.
We invite all media outlets to schedule one on one interview with Kamran Ghaderi and share his vision of peace & hope with the world community.
Media Communication Team Please contact Xyz@media.co. Phone: 123-345-6789


Stand with Kamran Ghaderi for free Iran

During the past 4 decades, most of us have somehow raised our voices against the atrocities of the Islamic Regime in Iran.. Yes, we've all tried to do our part, however tiny...... Being it to sign a petition, to blog, to join a demonstration or a tweetstorm, to send letters and email, to post and repost on Facebook.........

But in all these 40 years, there has been only one person who actually stopped his life and set out on foot to bring attention to the human rights issues in Iran. 
Kamran Ghaderi

In March of 2017, a man by the name of Kamran Ghaderi, set OUT, ON FOOT, to walk from his home in Sweden to Iran, carrying the Iran's true SHIR-O-KHORSHID Flag. He left his wife, Birgitta, his 2 sons and a grandchild, to walk over 7,000, kilometers through different countries, to raise awareness to the human rights crisis and for free and honest voting in Iran.
His "Voyage of Love" as he calls it has taken him through countries such as Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece to finally resting in Turkey before crossing the border into Iran.
Two days ago, he set out on the last leg of his trip and is presently very close to the Iranian border.
We, as his friends and family are extremely proud of him but are also very worried as to his entering Iran with the SHIR-O-KHORSHID flag. While this flag is historically Iran's ancient and true flag, the present Islamic regime views it as an enemy flag tied to the previous Pahlavi regime. It is thus of extreme and utter importance that Kamran Ghaderi's name and mission be spread and broadcast around the world to get as much media attention as possible. This is to ensure his safety once he enters the Islamic Republic. 
Kamran Ghaderi

His Voyage of Love is exactly that... A man's pure love for his country and countrymen.
Dear friends, he has only 6 days before he crosses the border. Please share this far and wide.. Ask friends in Iran to join him once crosses the border... Ask media to talk about him, you can also join 
him on his live blogs several times a day in Facebook and on Instagram. Stand with Kamran!

Kamran Facebook:

Thank you!


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