A brave woman speaks about Oscar Asghar Farhadi

The #Oscars in a way are all about politics. Asghar Farhadi may have won an Oscar, but we Persians are not proud of him at all, nor do we think he represents us. He didn't care when hundreds of innocent people were being tortured and killed by the Islamic Regime in Iran. He is not worthy of our respect or recognition.

داستان نمکدون صادراتی در ترکیه

امروز رفته بودم نمکدون بخرم یه دفعه از توی ردیف نمکدونها متوجه یه نمکدون ایرانی شدم. یک دفعه چنان غرور ملی تمام وجودم رو فرا گرفت و به فر...